The ‘Famous’ Willys Jeep Wagon

Island old timers would tell you that John Conner, Sr. loved to fish.

He spent his time away from the store on the beach in his Willys Jeep. He often shared his love of the island with visitors by loading them up in the Willys Wagon & taking them to the beach to fish, or on rides to see Cape Point.

The Willys Jeep Wagon was first made by Willys-Overland in 1946. Arguably, the first ‘sport utility vehicle’ int he world to gain mass appeal, the Willys Station Wagon lineup had much to offer, with four wheel drive, easy maintenance, ample space for its passengers, and safety beyond what other “woodies” (wood-bodied station wagons) offered at the time.

By comparison, the success of the Willys Station Wagon overshadowed that of many other models offered by Willys-Overland from 1946-1964. MORE INFO

This is not Mr. Conner’s original Willys, but John Conner, Jr. takes great pride in owning a jeep similar to his fathers.